Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dupes: Orly Lucky Duck vs Finger Paints Go Van Gogh!

Bottle Comparison: Very similar, except that Go Van Gogh! has a bit of yellowing near the bottom of the bottle. But I have seen this in other pictures on the internet of this polish.

Swatched an in direct sun. This is one coat. Orly Lucky Duck on left and FP Go Van Gogh! on the right. Lucky Duck went on a bit more sheer. The application was similar. Lucky Duck was a bit nicer formula, but it it does cost a bit more too.

Second coat and in the sun. FP GvG (right) is a bit darker than Orly Lucky Duck. Which is what I thought in my previous post. Whew, I guessed correctly. But they are really similar! I like them both and I don't mind that I have two very similar colors! :)

Here they are, two coats each, out of the sun. Orly Lucky Duck on the left and Finger Paints Go van Gogh! on the right. So what do you think? Dupe or no dupe?

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  1. Good post! If they aren't dupes, then they're super close. I love Lucky Duck but good to know I've got options if I ever use it up. Do you have China Glaze Starboard? That one might be dupe-y also


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