Friday, October 2, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Hobbies

Hello Owlets! I have a new adventure to share with you, a rather grand adventure! It's a new nail art challenge from Crumpet's Nail Tarts called 40 Great Nail Art Ideas.

It's a fabulous new challenge with prompts for each week, we post on Fridays, with a huge link up! So many fabulous ideas to be inspired by!

Today's prompt is hobbies! Besides nail art and polish my other (ok, one of my many other) hobby is makeup. I love it, I work with it, I buy, I hoard collect it! My job is being a Prestige Manager at Ulta I get to play with makeup all day helping others find products and color matching them so they get the right items. I get to go to classes with the brands and learn about their products!
I get to help change a life when I am able to cover and conceal imperfections that they do not like. To hear them gasp and see their face when they look into the mirror and love what they see.  To see a guest leave with their head held high warms my heart!

One of my favorite brands is Urban Decay. This is most of my Urban Decay makeup, what's missing is the palette I created from depotting other shadow palettes (and it's full!). My goal is to own every single eyeliner they make as well as the Moondust shadows (they are the light silver circle shadows that you can see in the photo). I am way pumped to see what Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani have created! Can't wait to see that line!

So I decided to create a mani that is inspired by the Vice 4 Palette, specifically the bag it comes with.

I used Color Club Harp on It as my base. Needed the silver holo to match the holo lines on the bag! I stamped using Konad Black and Pet'la Geomatrix, the image was perfect for it! I used HK Girl topcoat to make it shine!

I really loved how this turned out! Sorry for some tip wear, really hard to wrap tips with nubs! >_<

If you want to follow us, you can find our Pinterest Board here - all the members will also be sharing the collages on IG and Facebook with the above hashtags. I hope you enjoy and find it as useful as we're finding it fun!

And don't forget to check out the other hobbies that we all love!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Empties: September Empties Plus Some

Say what!? I'm caught up with my empties! Can I get a what! What! I really thought I'd never catch up, but I did! And now my empties bucket is.....empty! Yay! So these empties are from July, August, and September.

AG High & Dry: I really like this finishing spray. It gives great volume without a ton of shine. It even can create a bit of curl in my very non curly hair. I bought a few of these as AG was redoing their packaging so I got them for cheap! :)
Kenra Shine Spray: Hahahahahahaha! I love that I put a matte hair product with a shine spray! I've reviewed this product in previous empties and still love it. But, I really don't like the price, kind of expensive. I am on the look out for a similar item.

Sexy Hair Get Layered: Ok, this is one of my favorite new finds (though I did show a small one last empties post). I love this hairspray because you can so totally layer this product.....a lot! And it stays soft and holds all day! I'm working on my next bottle already. :)
Kenra Volume Spray: Meh. I had to finish this, but I don't like this spray anymore. A few empties ago I loved it. But now, I realize it dulls your hair a lot! And you get helmet head. That 25 on the bottle? Hair holds up to 25 miles per hour wind. Yep, and it looks it.

Sexy Hair Spray Clay: I've had this for a really long time and forced myself to finish this. It's a texturizing spray, and yes it adds texture. Cruddy stiff texture. Yuck. No more to this one.
Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hair Spray: Got this in a little kit to try it out. This spray was good, was it the holy grail? No, I don't think so. It is a bit pricey so I won't be repurchasing because the one I do like (Sexy Hair Layered) goes on sale where this doesn't.
Redken Guts 10: I've used this in the past and wasn't to impressed. However, my hair stylist used it on my last haircut and I saw how she used it and I fell in love! Before I was using way too much. So I blow dry my hair and when it is almost completely dry I spray a few little spurts to the crown on my hair and then finish drying it. It adds just the right amount of volume! Working on another bottle!
Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray: Tried this because I was told it had fab hold and shine. Hmmmm, nope. No hold for me. And it dribbled each time I sprayed! That's a reason I don't really like this type of bottle.

Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner: Ok, I love this toner! It is super gentle and calming. I used it to clean off my face after doing my hair to get all the hairspray junk off. This toner lasted for such a long time. I haven't repurchased yet, but I am going to be repurchasing!
Dermadoctor Litmus Test  Replenishing Toner: This is the first item I ever bought from Dermadoctor. I bought this because I researched this brand for work and loved what I read about this toner. It has glycolic and lactic acid which is super fabulous (lactic acid is much better for my skin as it is a bit more gentle) and helps to exfoliate your skin and helps with skin renewal. This toner is fabulous for hormonal acne (this right here is why I wanted to try it!)! You know, those pesky chin "friends" we get? Yep, it help to calm them and to hinder their appearance somewhat. Yes! This lasted me about six months! Which is good because it was a bit pricey for a toner ($37).

Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil: I've only tired a few oils for the face and I liked this one. Granted, I don't like the fact that the dropper top broke (it's rubber, what the heck?) My skin really loved this oil and soaked it up instantly, adding hydration and nutrients to my sad skin. I also used this with my Anastasia Creme Concealer kit to have be a bit more creamier when I was applying it.
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation: I don't think I need to even review this one. This is my go to foundation, always will be! Fabulous coverage, buildable, and non-irritating.
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden: So, I have a confession. This product is not empty. Nope, not even close. But I need to throw it away, it is stinky! I've had it for far too long. I'm not a huge fan of the Eden version of their primer; I like the original one better. So I didn't use it that often and went to use it the other day and opened it and it stunk! Like, I've had this open for probably two years! Eeeks! >_<

Benefit Roller Lash: I love this mascara! (I hate Benefit They're Real). This mascara really does curl your lashes! It's a nice inky black, your lashes stay soft, and best thing......way easy to remove than They're Real! I lurve this a lot. But I haven't bought another because I am trying to be good and use up what I's really hard!
Sephora Express Cleansing Wipes: I bought these to get my Sephora order over $50 for free shipping. I never used this to remove my full makeup so I can't tell you how they worked for that. But I did use them for fall out and eyeshadow cleanup while doing my makeup and for these, they are fabulous!
Vichy Idealia Life Serum: I'm on a Vichy kick right now. They are a fabulous brand for sensitive skin and reasonablly priced. I had this sample size of their serum and decided to try it. This serum is lightweight and adds hydration. So it has a really cool color, white with a bit of a pink flash to it, it is that pink flash that helps to brighten the skin; it has micro glitter. I mean really small and not a ton either. So no Ke$sha glitter here. I purchased the full size and am still loving it.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Brazilian Nut: Oh. My. Goodness! I love this product so so much! It is so heavenly. It smooths out your skin so gently but satisfying (so it does have a bit of good grit). Oh but the smell, yummy! It seems like chocolate frosting! Mmmmmm! I use this before shaving and on my dry rough knees, elbows, and heels.
DrJart+ Ceramidin Cream: So, this little tube is my second sample tube of this product. I first tried it through my Birchbox and really liked how it made my skin feel. I had always wanted to buy a full size but it's a tad pricey so I kept putting it off. I was able to find another tube (this one) and got a sample from an order and I hoarded these. I used them so sparingly, more as a spot treatment and not all over my face. But Sephora had a special with getting extra points if you bought something, so I bought my full size bottle of this. I'm not using it yet, attempting to use up the rest of my skincare junk. But I love the feeling when I apply this product. I imagine it deep into my skin and becoming the mortar to hold the cells together and help to create a barrier to keep my skin hydrated and youthful. And that is exactly what ceramides do, I just actually visualize it as I am applying! :)

So, that is all my empties for now. I hope to keep current with these so it doesn't become overwhelming. (or take up as much room! I was feeling like a hoarder with a pile of empty packages stored away)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what products you have recently finished!

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creation Week: The Terrific Twos - Cotton by Glowstars

Today is the final day of The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creation Week, and for my final day I chose to do a mani that was created during our second anniversary hence the use of cotton (traditional two year anniversary gift). Who's mani is it?

Why Vic from Glowstars! I had a really good chuckle when she created this mani that I knew I had to re-create it at some point. What better day than today! For me, Vic has always been and always will be the Queen of Bling. I really did think of just putting some honking huge jewels on my nails to represent Vic, but I knew I had to do an actually mani (wouldn't surprise me if she did have a mani with honking huge jewels, actually pretty sure she does!). Not only does Vic create a lot with bling but she also thinks a little outside the box and that's why her and I get along so well (among other things). One thing she is teased about in our group is having her DD manis completed way far in advance. If only, right?!

So I only used two items for this mani (shocker I know!): BarryM Plumpy Top Coat (still not sure about this top coat, it's......interesting) and a shredded cotton round. I also decided to do this cotton mani because I had mentioned to the DD ladies that I live where they grow a lot of cotton, a lot! It seems like it's always growing, that or corn. But being in Arizona you get growing seasons pretty much all year round. (thanks nature for the allergies with that!)

I hope you've had fun seeing all the manis that everyone has re-created. I know that we as a group have had a blast! Thank you to our wonderful readers and followers! Without you we'd be left to ourselves and know, we're weird! >_< We love that you enjoy The Digit-al Dozen, crazy it's already been three years! 

Like I said in my post on Monday, we've had quite a few ladies who are no longer in our group and we hope all is well with them and love and miss them all! We've embraced many new ladies over the years and love how each of them bring a new twist or take on the themes. I wish I could have re-created more manis from all the ladies (Pffft! I'm not Lindsey! Yes, yes, she did re-create a mani from all the current DD ladies. See, crazy!) Hahahahaha! Perhaps I'll try and do that, dedicate a day for DD re-creations. Hmmm, I like that idea! I think there are a few other ladies who are planning on doing just that.

It was really nice to do a full DD week. It's been awhile, but I am hoping things are looking up. Though, I've said that before! :) I am still debating on introducing a few other things on my blog, we shall see. Have a fabulous and safe weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creations Week: Grey and Yellow Floral by Pointless Cafe

Day 4 of The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creations Week and today I have some actual free-hand nail art! For the win! I feel in love with the original version of this mani because of the colors and the simple yet complex overall idea. Who's mani is it?

Sheila from Pointless Cafe! She is so super creative and artistic in her manis and life. Oh and I totally want her amazing closet! :)

I used China Glaze Concrete Catwalk and acrylic paint for the yellow and black with Poshe Top Coat. Her dots are more nicely random (I can't do random dots, they always end up in rows, and then I fix them and then they are all crowded - nail polish problems). But I do absolutely love my first flower on my middle finger! I love the painterly quality to it! I channeled my inner Sheila for that! My second flower I made it to look like those thin nail art flowers that you can buy to glue on to manis. I wanted a bit of texture so I kept adding paint before it dried fully. I don't know, it was fun that's all! :)

I really love these colors together, really brightens the day! I love having Sheila in the group, she's a real hoot! She's all about the coffee! I love seeing her painting skills come to life on her canvases (nails and real canvases).

Thank you Sheila for your contribution to our DD family!

Don't forget to check out the other amazing ladies!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creations Week: Black & White Day - Adipose Nail Art by Adventures in Acetone

Day 3 of The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creations Week and today I bring you some fat. Such cute little fatties! These are Adipose (little aliens made from fat) from Doctor Who! And who's absolutely fantastic mani do I re-create?

Jacki from Adventures in Acetone (just in case you didn't read the title!) Of course hers is free-hand with a tutorial. Mine, well, mine are a stamp because I had a feeling I would screw up their cute little faces........oh wait I still did! Hahahahahahaha!

Pretty basic on the polishes: BarryM Espresso (a matte polish) and Konad White. I used My Online Shop MJXII for the adipose. And I used my Clear Jelly Stamper for the first time. It was a bit finicky but finally I was able to work with it and love it! So nice to be able to see through the handle to where you are stamping!

I really love how each of my adipose have different personalities because of the stamping. We have (top to bottom): normal happy adipose, mean nasty adipose, girly feminine adipose (see her lashes, or she could be from the band KISS), and finally silly goofy adipose.

I love that Jacki adds Doctor Who references to her manis (like many of us DDs). And I have always loved her tutorials. She makes everything look so easy and effortless!

Thank you Jacki for your contribution to our DD family!

Don't forget to check out the other amazing ladies!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creations Week: Dotting Week - My Dots by A Girl and Her Polish

Day 2 of The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creations (a celebration for our 3 year anniversary!). Today is probably a given on the mani I am re-creating (besides the obvious title, derp).

Katee from A Girl and Her Polish as been an inspiration since I first laid eyes on her famous dotticure. I "met" her through that dotticure as people were trying to steal it and put their names on it. A few of us commented on her blog post and told her what was happening. It was the start of a beautiful friendship. :) Katee references this dotticure in the DD post Dotting Week - My Dots that I chose to re-create.

I used all BarryM polishes (but of course I would, this is a Katee mani!). I used BarryM Lychee as my base with Sky Blue, Blueberry, and Chai for the dots. I topped it off with Poshe Top Coat.

I tried to totally re-create the design, but I realized I needed to use smaller dots. But I still love it a ton! And I will always love (insert music here) Katee's dots! (and her amazing layered stamping abilities).

Thank you Katee for your contribution to our DD family! (and for my obsession with BarryM Gelly and Matte polishes!)

Don't forget to check out the other amazing ladies of the DD!

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Re-Creations Week: The Emperor's New Clothes by The Dalai Lama's Nails

Welcome to a full week of The Digit-al Dozen! Yes you heard me right! All five days have already been completed and are set to post! Yay me! Don't know what I did different but I do know that when I created these manis for this week my anxiety levels actually dropped a bit (well, except for a bit of stamping issues). And I think this is one of my better DD weeks ever, granted they aren't my own designs, but I feel I did all the ladies I chose justice. I hope you enjoy!

First, a note about this week:

This week we are re-creating each other's manis from different Digit-al Dozen themes. We are doing this in honor of The Digit-al Dozen turning 3! (Crazy huh!) Although we've had some changes in faces and nails, we are still passionate about what we do and what we stand for. We love nail art and the nail art community! We love the family that we have found in each other and the friendships that will last a lifetime.

These past three years the ladies of The Digit-al Dozen have been my all. They have supported me when I had no one else to turn to. They have lifted me from my darkest of darks. They have shown me how to see the greatness that is within me. They have laughed and cried with me. All these ladies are technically strangers to me, as in I have never met any of them (ok, I have met Ashley from Ashley is Polish Addicted), but I do not consider them strangers at all. They have played such an important part in my life and I am a better person because of all the ladies (past, present, and future) of The Digit-al Dozen! I love you all! XOXO Mwuah!

Welcome to The Digit-al Dozen does Re-Creations Week! This week we are re-creating manis by other DD ladies. Today I have chosen this mani because I had wanted to do something similar to this during our Fairy Tales Week, but wasn't exactly sure on how to go about it.

But Hannah over at The Dalai Lama's Nails (click to see the original amazing version!) created such a fabulously perfect mani for The Emperor's New Clothes that I had to re-create it! So simple and yet it totally captures the story, in a PG sort of way. :)

I used OPI Unfor-Greta-Bly Blue, BarryM Foil Effects Gold, and OPI Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI all topped with Poshe Top Coat. 

I really loved how elegant this turned out. Sometimes it's nice to have a nice clean traditional-ish french tip mani.

Thank you Hannah for your contribution to our DD family!

Don't forget to check out the other amazing ladies of The Digit-al Dozen!

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