Friday, January 6, 2012

31 Day Challenge: Day 6, Violet Nails

Violet? Every time I read that I keep reading violent. :) Wouldn't that make a great challenge! ;) This is Color Club Alias. Gorgeous color! Not really violet, but it's purple and I'm sticking to it! I just got this polish on Tuesday. I have never seen Color Club for sale before except at Ross. So when I walked into this little nail supply store and saw a whole rack! Wahoo! I didn't know what color to get. So I figured I would get one and go look up swatches at home and go back and get more!

I had to get this one. It is called Alias and that is the name of my all-time favorite TV show. The accent name is the eye of Rambaldi. For those of you who don't know anything about the show, Rambaldi is a da Vinci/Nostradamus type character in which many goverment agencies are after his inventions. The "eye" is always on his works.

I created the eye out of Sally Hansen Black Out, my go-to nail art black.

I tried to capture all the hidden qualities of this polish. Here I tried a warming effect on my camera, but it didn't capture all of it's beauty. If you go to The Polished Perfectionist, you can see her wonderful pictures of this gorgeous polish!

This polish went on like a dream too! My pictures are taken right after I polished them. No clean up! It stayed on the nail. *love* I did two coats, which is probably ideal, being as the first coat is a bit shear. Enjoy!

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