Monday, December 30, 2013

Best of 2013!

Today we are going to look back at some of my favorite manis of the year and some of your favorites too! Be warned.....picture heavy! :)

My first attempt at gradient nails! I was so excited to do something that I had deemed unachievable!

Violet Nails. These were my first real attempt at reproducing an art piece that actually looked like the work of art!

 This was for The Digit-al Dozen Does Love & Heartbreak. And I loved how these turned out because the ampersand symbol means a lot to me.

 Can't forget my Birthday Mani! Favorite polish, Orly Nite Owl and owl stamps! Win!

 The Digit-al Dozen Does Animal Week gave me a few of my favorite manis of the year. This Liger was my first use of acrylic paints and I was impressed at how well they were to work with!

Part of the Animal Week. I wanted to create this little guy from Labyrinth and didn't think I could. I was so pleased how he turned out!

 The Digit-al Dozen Does Book Week brought some of me best free-hand nail art. This is Owly and I am so pleased with him! This is possibly my favorite free-hand I have ever done! Ever!

 Book Week again and we have Pigeon! I was so happy that he actually looked like Pigeon from the books!

 Ah yes, this mani is possibly one of my best stamping manis and best pairing of colors! And you all seemed to like it too! :)

This list wouldn't be complete without a Doctor Who mani!

 A proper Dotticure! I love the vintage feel of this! And this was the first post with my new watermark!

 These Fall Feathers for The Digit-al Dozen Week of Skittles are a favorite of mine. I love the colors, so rich and warm.

 I love these Indian nails, one of the first times using MoYou plates! These plates are fabulous!

 A tape mani for The Digit-al Dozen! A friggin' tape mani that worked!

And finally we end with The Digit-al Dozen Red, Gold, & Green Gradient. Started with a gradient, ended with a gradient!

So these were some of my favorite from the past year. I hope it covered some of your favorites too!


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