Monday, December 16, 2013

Neutral Mondays: Essence - As Long As You Love Me

Welcome Owlets to Neutral Mondays! This is where I bring you the beautiful colors that I love: neutrals! So that means grey (or gray, however you want to spell it!), brown, beige, taupe, ivory, black, white, silver..etc.

Some Neutral Mondays may just be a quick swatch of a new neutral that I got! (Like today) And other Neutral Mondays will be how to spiffy it up, but neutrals are cool.......urm well, they aren't are they, they are neutrals (color theory humor for you). How about, neutrals are awesome! Yep, that works.

So today I bring you Essence As Long As You Love Me from the Beauty Beats Collection. 

Ok, so I was at Ulta looking around at the new collections and saw this grey. I knew I had to have it. But then I saw whose line it was......Justin Bieber! Ugh! I so didn't buy any of the NOPI of his line because I can't stand him! (Sorry for those of you who do, he's just not my type of music).

Have you ever not bought a polish because of the person the collection was associated with? I mean I know we've bought polishes for names alone, right? 

Bought I kept look at this polish and just gave a big sigh and sucked it up and bought it. It helps that the name of the polish is also a Backstreet Boy's song! Oh yeah, I liked them in high school! :)

This is two coats with HK Girl Top Coat. And like all my other Essence polishes, excellent formula! And look at the shimmer! It's a beaut! Definitely a keeper! 

Will add this to my pile of other greys. One cannot have too many greys, at least that's my motto!

So I hope you guys like this new feature where I get to feature my fav neutrals and prove I am the Neutral Queen (for nail polishes only, I am not a ruler in any way shape or form!) (Hahaha!)


  1. I was interested in the new Essence collection but when I saw that it was Justin Bieber I refused to take a closer look - I do not like his music and he has a rather awful personality. The polish itself is rather neat - the shimmer really makes it pop though I prefer darker greys than this.

    1. It pained me to purchase a Bieber polish, but I am a sucker for a good grey polish!

  2. I needed to comment for so many reasons. 1. As soon as I read the title, that stupid song was stuck in my head! Damn youuuuu JB! 2. I just painted my nails a really similar color and I won't stop showing my fiance saying "ohhh so pretttty" yeah. He's getting annoyed. And 3. I own 1 polish from Nicole by opi that I considered not buying because guess why? It was a Justin Bieber polish LOL! The name escapes me but the polish was a lovely teal color and I had to have it. (I've never told anyone it's origins until now ;)

  3. Lovely!! I can be VERY swayed by the endorsement of a polish. Good and bad. If I don't like the inspiration of a collection, I MAY still like something, but it will be a harder sell. If i LOVE the inspiration of a collection, I certainly try not to let it sway me into buying for the name alone.


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