Friday, October 11, 2013

33DC Day 9: Indian

Yes! Finally a win for the challenge for this week! I was inspired by the henna designs used in India. I just love the way this turned out! I really can't stop staring at it!

So there are a few photos, because 1. I really like it, and 2. wanted to make sure I captured it correctly! :) In this photo the lighting is a bit different but I love the detail it showed. I used two coats of Essence Cafe Ole.  I seriously love this nude polish! It's perfect! And there is a slight shimmer. I added one coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

I stamped using Konad Chocolate and MoYou Pro 04. These flowers totally reminded me of the intricate henna designs.

I then used a thin coat of HK Girl Top Coat to seal in the stamp followed by NYC Matte Me Crazy. I love this design matte! It's perfect!

Whoop! Weird angle, but I still love it. Is that enough gushing for you? You know, sometimes the polish and stamping forces combine and align just right, and that doesn't always happen for me. So I need to rejoice in it! :)

And I'm done! Have a wonderful weekend!

Don't forget to check out the others doing the challenge! Would you like to join? Then come visit: Crumpet's Nail Tarts on Facebook!


  1. Gorgeous colors, it looks absolutely beautiful in matte!

  2. Perfect! Truly looks like henna :D My sister used to do henna on me when I was younger, that was always fun! I always love to see hands full of henna designs.

    1. Thank you so much! I have always loved the look of henna.

  3. Beautiful! So delicate and subtle :) And the matte version is especially nice

  4. i love this!!! brown on brown! it looks fantastic! that stamp image is one of my favorites too!

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