Thursday, November 1, 2012

Palate Cleanser: Essence Grey-T to Be Here

Oy! So with all this nail art I have had going on (sort of unheard of for me!) I thought I would try to "cleanse the palate", so to say, with a simple swatch.

Ha! Yeah, well, that didn't really work out. Oh the polish is marvelous and lovely to apply without any problems. Well, there was one problem.....

It didn't like to be photographed! Grrr! This is the gloriously lovely Essence Grey-T to Be Here. A stunning grey polish with pink shimmer! Love it! This is 2 coats. You can see the pink in the bottle really well. And yes, on my nails you could too....but it wanted to be lame and not get caught on camera. Not only did the pink not really show up, but this color is super camera shy and likes to go blurry. I took a lot of photos and only one really worked out for me.


  1. this one is hard to photograph! I totally love it though :)

  2. Very pretty. :D Nice idea, a palate cleanser after lots of nail art.

  3. I love this polish, the pink shimmer is amazing!

    1. It's just gorgeous but hates the camera! :)

  4. This polish is so pretty! I love love LOVE the shimmer!


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