Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog Shout Outs - PackAPunchPolish

Welcome back to Blog Shout Outs! Today I am featuring the blog: PackAPunchPolish. She first started out doing videos on YouTube (click for youtube channel) and started a blog in March. She does some amazing swatches (perfection!) and great nail art. Her videos on YouTube have tutorials and nail mail as well as her polish stash and swatches.

Please click on the photos to be sent to the original blog post.

See how gorgeous her swatches are! Wow!

I am loving this! This post also has a tutorial video with it!

Yes! Geeky nails! Love it and the splatter is gorgeous! Also has a video!

Here is one of her videos featuring a tutorial for watercolor. I love her videos! She explains things so that I think even I could do them! :)

Please go check her out on:

Facebook: PackAPunchPolish
Blog: PackAPunchPolish
Instagram: packapunchpolish
Twitter: PackAPunchPolish
Tumblr: Pack A Punch Polish


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