Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Haul-age!


So I haven't posted about my hauls in like almost 2 months! But I have been saving them up to do in a bigger post. Now, this isn't a crazy big post because I tried not to go crazy! :)

But check out my new little mascot that I found at Target! How perfect is he?! I try to get an ornament each year that represents that year and this one is perfect because of my blog! :) He is my image on my facebook page.

Ok, this isn't polish related but I had to show you this! It's hilarious! The picture on the right is how you deposit the money and retrieve it! Got to love Target! :)

First up, some new Pure Ice polishes. These are their newest lines too! (l-r) Viva Las Vegas, Grunge, Black Velour. Grunge and Black Velour are part of their Velour Finish line!

Now, you have seen most of these already on TGIF: Thank Goodness Indy Indie Friday. But I figured I should show them to you with the rest of my haul! (l-r) Glimmer by Erica Spicy Pumpkin, Glimmer by Erica Harvest Moon, Glimmer by Erica Season's Change (TGIF tomorrow!) and Lacquistry Witches Warts.

More Indies! Rainbow Polish's Star Set 2! (l-r) See CP Ohhh, B-Fett, Chewie, and Sky Walker.

Had to show you the backsides of (l-r) See CP Ohhh, B-Fett, Chewie, and Sky Walker. Can't wait to use them! :)

Some clearance shopping and then some not! China Glaze Elephant Walk, China Glaze Gothic Lolita, and OPI Don't Talk Back to Me.

More clearance! Orly Preamp and Finger Paints Sketchy Character (I heard this one stamps well. We shall see!)

Essie Power Clutch (got it in my Birchbox), Essie Recessionista (my Klout perk!) and Color Club Put a Pin In It (Birchbox). Love free (free-ish because I do pay for the Birchbox subscription) polishes!

Wet n Wild Black Creme (I found this at my Halloween store and had to grab it because I am almost out of my other bottle!) and Sally Hansen Presto Pink (I needed a stamping pink but then didn't use it for a mani. But might need a stamping pink again soon!).


So I was at Ulta the other day and was just browsing (had to use my $5 off $10 coupon of course!) and spotted the one new color that I think is just gorgeous! This is Orly Miss Conduct. And she is a beaut! :)

And oh my goodness...shut the front door....get out... shut up! Look what else I found at my Ulta! Holy flip! I thought these looked really pretty (a bit goth, but hey it's a vampire line so that's a given right?) but thought I'll have to pass because they'll only be available in Europe or random stores in Washington (please explain to me how they get all the cool things!?) (Hahahaha!) But nope! Good ol' Arizona had the Essence Breaking Dawn Collection! (l-r) Alice Had a Vision - Again, A Piece of Forever, Edward's Love, Jacob's Protection. Now I'm not a gold person but I had to have the complete set and at $1.99 I couldn't resist! :)

And last and certainly not least, my Vivid Lacquer VL-003 stamping plate! So excited! Look gears! Sweet steampunk gears! And bio hazard symbol and stitches and the no symbol (cross-out circle) and a target and books and so awesome! Love this nerdy/geeky plate! Can't wait to use it!

Just the cute backing of the stamping plate! :)

So that's my haulage since September. Have you had any great hauls lately?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Can't wait to do the swatches! :)

  2. I'm so jealous that you got polish in your Birchbox. I've done everything short of begging for it. LOL. I love Orly Preamp and LOVE Anni at Vivid Lacquer!

    1. It's rare but I do get polish in my birchbox. :) Give it time!


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