Monday, November 26, 2012

Lust List vol. 1

I have been loving all the cravings, lemmings, or lust lists that many bloggers have been posting. So I decided to team up with Emma over at Manicurity and do my own Lust List!

My Lust List isn't just nail's so much more! :)

Starting at the top:

1. Urban Decay Vice Palette. Yes! So many good reasons to want/need this. I love Urban Decay's formula. And a plus is that I have allergies to some make up and not with Urban Decay! Woot! The colors in this palette are gorgeous! Check out Scrangie and her review of it.

2. This has two polishes in the picture. This is Catrice Steel My Heart and Steel My Soul polishes. These two are a "brushed metal effect" so they dry matte! I so wish that we could get Catrice polish here in the US. I love their colors and formula! Probably one of my favorite brands. But these two colors are new(er). I first fell in love with them when I saw them on Oooh, Shinies! The picture I used comes from Beauty Before Breakfast.

3. Oh? What are these lovely beautiful yummy looking things? These are Marshmallow Bits from And yes, they are exactly what they sound and look like. A whole bag of marshmallows like the ones in Lucky Charms! Yes please! I need these! :)

4. This is the CD that I am lusting after. It is the Civil Wars Barton Hallow. I have been listening to them on Spotify and I love them! Such a unique sound! I love groups that sound a bit different and aren't too cookie-cutter. I think I will be getting this album on payday! :)

5. Dollish Polish Legend of Zelda Duo. Oh my geeky goodness! I need these in my life. These have been on my wishlist for a while now. If I don't get them in my Christmas swap next month I am buying them myself! :) Hahaha! The two polishes are: "The Hero Of Time: Mimicking brave Links clothing, this is a clear jelly loaded with varying shades of green, brown and gold can be layered over any shade as a top coat, or can be build-able to be completely opaque. Wear this and be ready to take on an enemy of Hyrule! And the other polish is: Hylian Princess: Princess Zelda portrays both an air of regal elegance, and inner strength and intelligence and her clothing is a good representation of that. White flowing gown with accents of varying purples and a crown of gold, this polish imitates the same regal appearance and can also be worn as a top coat, or built into a stand alone opaque shade."

6.  Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner. Ok, I already have like 5 of these. But a few are drying out (had them for a while). So I need to get back ups and all the other colors! I love these eyeliners because I suck and using eyeliner and you can't mess up with these because it's glitter! And I love the extra pop of glitter it adds and I always get compliments when I wear them! :)

7. Duri Rejuvacote. This is another one that if I don't get this in my swap I am so getting. I have heard so many good things about this treatment. And I need it. My nails are becoming junk right now with the weather changing and all.

So anything you have been lusting after lately?


  1. I lust after EVERYTHING, and most of these are going to make it on my list now too!!

  2. Nice list :))
    I have Catrice Steel My Heart and it is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! I now have both those Catrice polishes coming to me soon! So excited! :)


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