Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ulta Mini Haul!

So the other day I went into Ulta to use my rewards. I had a level 2 reward option. But wasn't too thrilled with the options. But was told I could get two of level 1 rewards. Well, that I could do. So I decided to get a package of cotton squares and a package of cotton rounds! I use these to take off my polish. I've never tried the squares before, but hey, for free why not!?

Of course I had to check out the clearance polishes!

China Glaze Below Deck, China Glaze Sea Spray, Essence High Spirits, and Sally Hansen Uptempo Plum. The Essence wasn't clearance but was it's regular price of 99 cents! :)

So my whole mini haul (polish and cotton) with a $3.50 off $10 coupon was $8.73! And I used my gift card on it, so it was like free to me! Love it!

Anyone else have any hauls lately?


  1. WOw great haul! Ulta always has such awesome clearance =)

  2. Dang. I wish there was an Ulta by me...I love CG! It would be great to find some on clearance!


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