Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Two from the China Glaze Magnetix Collection

I only bought two China Glaze Magnetix Collection from Spring 2012, Cling On and Drawn to You. My Sally's had a deal that if you buy two of the polishes, you got the magnet for free! The magnet itself is like $5.99! So I thought I would show you what I have of this collection. I am going to try and post pictures of collections together if I can. :)

This is Cling On. It looks exactly how Scrangie described it: "overcooked artichokes". Yep. But it is gorgeous! You can tell that it didn't work perfectly all the time. My middle finger is a bit off-centered. I actually thing my magnet is a bit off-centered all on it's own! My pointer, middle, and pinkie finger are all three coats (two plain and one magnet coats). My ring finger is the only one that worked on the first try! But you can see it is a bit sheer on that bottom chevron. But I still loved it!

Uh, what the heck? Stupid weak magnet doesn't like my thumb nail at all! This is what happened when I used Drawn to You (picture shown below). It totally looks like fish gills! Bleh. So I thought I would use my Nails Inc magnet that I have.

WOW! What a difference this magnet was! One, the second I put it above the polish I could see it making the design right off! Look at the bigger chevrons (yes, it's suppose to be a chevron but I messed up a bit). Stunning! Might use this magnet more often with these polishes! :)

This is the two magnet that were used. The top is the Nails Inc magnet and the bottom is the China Glaze magnet with three different designs.

This is Drawn to You (seen previously here) My pointer finger messed up so I added a stamp of the Decepticon logo from stamping plate QA4. This also has a layer of Seche Vite.

You can see, under the stamp how the magnet did not work that well.

My overall opinion? I liked them and they make a statement, when the magnet actually works! It just takes practice! :) Drawn to You (purple) definitely has more of a sparkle/shimmer to it than Cling On, which has a more silvery base.


  1. These look amazing! I can't wait to order them!

  2. Decepticon ftw ;) Love it! One of these days I'll give the magnetics a shot. They look so cool!

  3. The Decepticon symbol sealed it! Awesome mani! I'm now following your blog

  4. Wow I love the purple, they look really good:) xx

  5. Thank you for this review!!!
    I was thinking about the china glaze magnets but I thin I am going to focus on the Nails inc now!
    Well, at least until I get *my* color. I better keep some good magnets


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