Friday, March 2, 2012

The One with the OPI DS Polishes I Own

I decided to swatch the two OPI DS polishes that I own. This one is DS Extravagance. Isn't she a beauty! A deep berry with holo goodies sprinkled about! I love it! I got it from April at Munia's Nails. I lurve it so much! It went on heavenly too!

This one I bought last summer when I was just starting to hoard collect polishes. This is OPI DS Reflection. She isn't as much a holo as Extravagance but she still is purdy! She is a sparkly salmon that is just gorgeous! She also went on heavenly.

I love the two DS polishes I have. Do I want more? Heck yes! I have some on my wishlist, but some are hard to find :(
But they are just too darn good-lookin'
Do you have a favorite OPI DS polish?

Thought I would leave you with a stunner of a picture....ready? Oh! Ah! Wowza!!


  1. Reflection is really pretty!

  2. Amazing! I Love these holos. Both the linear types and scattered ones. Gorgeousness!

  3. Those are gorgeous! and yes, that last picture is a stunner!


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