Saturday, March 24, 2012

Second Nail Mail Post for Today!

So two nail mails post in one day! :) Yep! This my fellow readers is the long awaited nail mail from Jewli at Fanning the Fumes. We started this swap...looking it up in my! December 29th is when I we first talked about it! Wow! Polishes have been added to since then. And then we waited until March to mail them because though Jewli lives in Germany, she was going to be the US in March, so cheaper shipping!

I am so excited they are all finally here! :) Top row (l-r): Essence Nail Art Twins Romeo & Julia, and Bella & Edward (still get a kick out of Edward being the sparkly one!). Then there is Essence Hello Holo, Essence Vampire's Love in Hunt Me if You Can and the Dawn is Broken. Next is Essence We Will Rock You Re-Mix Rock top coat in Smoky Finish, and finally Essence Blue Addicted.

Still need one more polish for my Vampire's Love collection to be complete! Into the Dark is the one needed.

Second Row (l-r): Catrice Sold Out Forever (no idea it has a shimmer!), Catrice I Wear My Sunglasses at Night, Catrice Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah (has a subtle silver shimmer ), and Catrice Dirty Berry (it's a holo! I had no idea!). Then I got two essence stamp plates, wow, these are smaller than I thought they would be, not the images themselves, but the actual plate. But I love them! I love all my polishes! Thank you so much Jewli!

So this is the package that Jewli's polishes came in. I saw that stain and got all scared! Oh no! My polishes!!!! Then I sniffed it..................

Nope, just yummy Kinder chocolate! They were all squishy, I could barely pick them up without them oozing all over! But I still tried one! Mmmmmm! Yummy goo! :) Sadly, it has come to that time when it is too hot to send chocolate to people in Arizona. :(

Thank you Jewli!

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