Wednesday, March 21, 2012

NerdLacquer: I Aim To Misbehave

Ready? Oooh....ahhhhh! Yep. I finally used it! And it is purdy! Oh so purdy! And you know what? This, my darlings, is one coat! ONE! Boo-yah! I didn't want to use it because I was afraid to use it all up, but boy was I ever wrong! This is a case when I like to be wrong!

So the technicals: This is I Aim to Misbehave from NerdLacquer's Serenity Trio with two coats of Seche Vite (one coat and it was still glitter bumpy). You can get it at NerdLacquer etsy shop, Ninja Polish, or Harlow & Co

A word to the wise. She sells out dang quick! If you go to her etsy shop you can be notified by email when she restocks. Ninja Polish will also send you an email when they restock. :) Lovely aren't they!

This polish is a loverly shade of deep plum almost a deep berry with bits of silver micro glitter, blue glitter and red glitter. Mmmmm! Love!

So I told you this was a one coater right? Well, on my right hand (shock! She has another hand!) I can show you what it looks like when you don't happen to put as much on the nail brush. Now, no laughing at the paint job. My left hand is stupid and is only good for holding a bottle of polish.

See my ring finger there? It could have used a second coat of polish. But I didn't mind too badly. Tomorrow I go back to work and will mess them up again. :)

Oh and what's a Serenity post without a little clipage!? :)


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