Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nail Envy Week 5

So I told you yesterday that I had a nail break on my right hand and was going to file them all down. Well I did that today and I thought I would show you the before and after. I just did these and probably will still tweak their shape as they aren't super uniform. But this was a quick job.

So these are my nails before filing them down. Not crazy long but long for me.

And here they are now. Not super uniform like I said but a much more manageable length (at least for me!). My pointer always goes shorter for some reason no matter how much I try for not to! :) Oh well, they aren't perfect. But I'm not perfect, and who is? :)


  1. They look great either way! I wish mine wouldn't chip or stay brittle all the time.

  2. i do the same with my pointer finger...i guess you are not alone on that. :)

  3. I personally like a shorter nail, with my work it is hard to have them long.

  4. They look lovely. I like shorter nails too. I find they get inhibiting when I let mine get too long.

  5. I'm definitly going to try nail envy!


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