Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fly With Me Romeo on My Peacock!

And I totally meant nothing nasty or perverted with my title I totally promise! I was just trying to come up with a fun title! Pervy people! :) Oh and I could have gone way more pervy, but I restrained myself! ;)

This is OPI Fly from the Nicki Minaj Collection. I love this color a ton! And it went one wonderfully! It is a Whatever it is, it is gorgeous! I decided to add a little funky french tip using Essence Nail Art Twin Romeo. In real life he turned out to look a bit more purple on the nail with Fly underneath. But oh well it's fun! To add a bit more fun I decided to throw on some Icing Lemme See Your Peacock! I love this gloopy glitter! It is a green/blue/pink hex glitter with clear base and it is stunning! Love it too! This also has Seche Vite on it to make it shine!

I tried to take a picture of my thumb nail. But it just wouldn't take. Kept being blurry. :( Really need to learn how to use my new camera properly! But I also did thumb nail accents using LSYP. But I sponged it on and it sponged on in the shape of a heart! What!? Awesome. Tried to achieve it on the other thumb. Bah! FAIL! Oh well, added more glitter and saved the thumb. But I did leave the heart alone! :) A little glitter lovin'!


  1. Awesome mani!! And I like the title LOL

  2. Ahhahhhh my dirty mind immediately thought something rude! ^_^ I love this mani, it's really nicely done. x

  3. I really likes these! I love the colour of the glitter too.

  4. i love Fly, such a pretty colour and i love glitter!! Perfect together, and the title did make me chuckle when i saw it inbetween other blog titles on my bloglovin x

  5. Oh yeah, my mind totally went into the gutter-but it frequently lives there! Such an awesome mani!


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