Friday, March 23, 2012

Dupes: NerdLacquer I Aim To Misbehave vs Orly Fowl Play

So the other day I wore NerdLacquer's I Aim to Misbehave, remember? (If not, go here). Well, as I was applying it Orly Fowl Play popped into my mind as being a dupe. So I thought I would compare them. As you can tell straight from the bottle shots they are not dupes. But they do have some similarities! Let's take a look shall we?

Macro shot of NerdLacquer I Aim to Misbehave. You can see it is a purple base with red, silver, and blue glitter.

Macro shot of Orly Fowl Play. Look, purple base with red, silver, and blue glitter! See why I thought they could possibly be dupes. But this is how they are similar. :) But the red glitter in this one seems to be flakie than glitter. (no complaints here!)

Whoops! So not dupes! This is one coat of each. NerdLacquer on the left with Orly on the right. NerdLacquer is more of a berry purple with Orly a definite purple base. Nerdlacquer is more opaque too and bumpy!

Still one coat of NerdLacquer on the left with two coats of Orly on the right.

So, though they both are a purple base with red, silver, and blue glitter....that is where the similarity ends. Do you need both? That's a heck yes you do! :) And yes, you are most welcome for added more lemmings to your wishlist! :)

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