Wednesday, March 28, 2012

L'Oreal: Owl's Night

So, of course this one would be one of the first polishes out of the Epic Royal Nail Mail that I got from the lovely Debbie of The Crumpet. This polish is awesome! As you can read from the title it is Owl's Night by L'Oreal. This is the polish that started the big swap and I can honestly say that I am not one bit sorry to have done it! :) Love this and all the polishes!

Do not be deceived by the bottle. It's just a reflection making it purple like. This polish is dark brown base with gold shimmer! Hello gorgeous! Went on with no problems! This is one coat! It definitely needs a top coat. I did this earlier today and have been typing away without a topcoat (gasp!) and there is some tip wear now. But not too horrendous! :)

Here's a macro of the bottle. Tried to get a bit closer but not a good photo. But this shows off the colors wonderfully! (really need to come up with a new word!)

While I was out shopping at Walmart (and wearing this polish) I found something I just had to have....ready?

Oh yeah! Owl earbuds! So flippin' cute! Love love love! How perfect are they!?!?!?! People laugh at me and say all somebody needs to do to get me to buy it is put an owl on it. But that is so not true. Some owls are just down right freaky! But not too many, and definitely not these ones! :)


  1. This is so gorgeous, one of my fave colors that came out this past fall. Looks great on you!

  2. lol - owl ear buds!!! glad you love the polish xxx

  3. pretty polish, love the ear buds!

  4. those are so cute! love the polish too! one day i will also kill this lemming!

  5. Oooh that polish looks amazing! The ear buds are so cute! :D

  6. Love the polish & Those earbuds are so so cute ^-^


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