Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still here!

I haven't forgotten about you! I'm still here and kicking (and screaming about stupid assignments)   :)
Today was the first day since my owls that I did my nails. But I'm not going to post it until Sunday because it's for the stamping challenge! You can only use blue! So my base colors is a blue and my stamp color is a darker blue! Not the best but I thought it was cute. So you will have to wait for Sunday for that.

Also, my polishes are all in a disarray! I bought a Melmer yesterday and put it together. Trying to figure out how to group them (collection, color) and which special ones get to go into the Melmer! Oh the questions we polishes addicts have to face! :)

Hopefully tomorrow I can post some pictures of my Melmer and my stash! Until then, please feel free to go out and shop shop shop! And here is a Sally's coupon to help! :) I've yet to be asked for ID when I use this. :)