Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Love Yourself

I haven't been blogging a long time but I feel very accepted by those who are in the Nail/Beauty blog circle. I have made a lot of friends on different blogs and in different facebook groups. And what joins us together? The love of polish and beauty products!

We all seem to support each other while most us haven't even meet in real life! It's a great sisterhood to belong to! And heck, who doesn't like to see a new comment pop up on their blog complimenting your nails or makeup! So Claire over at Purple Fairy Dust wrote this on her blog and decided to create a Nail art challenge:
I find it weird (prob not the right word to use as usual) how hard a time girls give themselves and each other, it is even obvious over nail art... some of the designs I see are amazing and even the ones that aren't are still cool as the person has tried and hopefully enjoyed it... I am the same about bashing myself and was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining my "love your self no matter what" nail art challenge? Can be any level of nail art, any design, colour etc.... basically anything at all to do with nail polish... whatever you think most represents you... Would any of you be interested?


Claire and Kerri (from PishPosh and Polish) create the badge located above. If you want to join in on this challenge let one of them know so that a running total of the all the wonderful blogs is kept!

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