Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nail Mail! -again!

Check this out! I just got three more packages today!!! So excited!

I got three stamping plates: two are Hello Kitty and one is Transformers! Oh yeah!

I got my first Models Own polishes from Rachel-Karina at Polished Criminails. They are Lemon Meringue, Peacock Green, and Golden Green (from the Beetle Juice collection)

The bottom row I bought from Gwen at SpaceLife Thoughts. They are Catrice Welcome to the Jungle, Catrice Sea of Green (Matte), Essence Old Gold Buffy (Vampire's Love collection), Essence True Love (Vampire's Love Collection), and Essence Irreplaceable.

All I need is the now from the Vampire's Love collection is Into the Dark. I have Hunt me if You Can and  The Dawn is Broken coming in another swap!

I am so excited for these awesome polishes! Thank you ladies so much! :)

Did you notice a common color that I got! I will definitely be doing a olive green swatch and comparison soon! :)

So here is a total of all the goodies I received today, including the one (OPI DS Extravagance) from April at Munia's Nails that I posted previously, from awesome Nail Mail day!


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