Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nail Envy

Ok, this is just a quick post (currently working on like four others!) But since I filed my nails down (not by much compared to other ladies) I decided to try out my Nail Envy. I am sick of all the peelies I keep getting! I have tried Seche Rebuild. But as much as I loved it and it did lessen the peelies, they were still there!

So I thought I would do what a few others bloggers have done. I am going to show the progress of my nails with Nail Envy. So this is day 1. I loved how thick this stuff is! Not runny at all! My nails are all smooth and shiny too! Though they don't look it that much in the picture there is some yellowing of my nails. I will try and post by week, maybe every two weeks? We shall see. But I have two days a week that I am brutal on my nails. I unload a truck twice a week for my job and it tears up my hands and nails. So it'll be interesting to see how they hold up with using this. I am going to use it as a base coat, since I change my polish a lot! :)

Oh! And this is my first picture with my new camera! Lovely isn't it! The color is much better and sharper!


  1. Your nails are beautiful Kirsten! I wish mine looked like that. Mine are growing but it's taking FOREVER! I wish I would've done a blog post on progress but I didn't think of it! Anyway, with the truck unloading, do you wear gloves? If not, try that. It may lessen the wear and tear to your hands and nails.

    1. Huh, for some reason I never thought about that. If I keep my nails shorter (this length or a tad bit longer) then they don't break when I am working on the truck. But all the cardboard sucks out all the moisture! :) I have a feeling if I wear gloves, they'll laugh at me! But at least my polish chips when I unload then it gives me another excuse to do another mani! ;)

  2. Your nails are beautiful even without color!

  3. Wish you luck with this stuff! I haven't tried it personally, but I'm also a bit lazy with those things...
    I look forward to see how it works for you.

    Gorgeous nails, by the way! <3


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