Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love Yourself Mani!

I got these Twins from Steffi at Me, Myself and Nail Polish for the PAA Valentines Swap (I posted the full gift here) This is Romeo from Essence Nail Art Twins (one coat). He is a gorgeous grey with a bit of a purple tinge. Application was wonderful! And look how shiny he is! This does not have a top coat on and you can see reflections!


Add a little Julia to the picture, one coat. Square glitter and small circle glitter with micro glitter! Yes please! It's the perfect ratio of glitter too. Sorry that they picture looks a bit blurry, I think the glitter and the reflections are throwing off the camera's focus. Huh, polish that can distract a camera is a good thing! :)

I chose to do this as my first Love Your Self Mani! There isn't anything hard about it. But gosh darn it sometimes a girl just needs something sparkly on her hands! I love it a lot and it makes me happy when I look down at my hands, and that is what polish should do! :)


Ugh, this is a bit blurry too. Sorry, new camera and awesome polish just don't play nice! :) But this is with a coat of SV. And thankfully I was able to hide it, but my poor pinky finger as a bad boo boo :( Of course of my left hand!

Do you have any Essence Nail Art twins? What are your favorites? I also have Edward and Bella coming in another swap and I am super excited! :)

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  1. I bought all of the sets of twins, but the only one I really like was Chuck and Blair. I wore them for several days before needing to scratch that itch I get after wearing the same polish for more than 2 days. lol.

  2. I love Essence Twins, I think I have all of them :)
    I have a blog award for you

  3. oh my gosh i need that glitter in my liiiiiiiife!

  4. This one is supposed to be on its way to me but it's been FOREVER! Edward and Bella are gorgeous, so you should be excited lol.


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