Monday, February 27, 2012

Nail Envy Week 2

So here is a picture of week 2 for Nail Envy. To tell you the truth, this is only my second time actually applying it! The first time was for the photo before on February 18th. I haven't changed my mani that often since then. This picture was taken on the 25th, so exactly a week after the first one. There isn't much growth difference. But man oh man let me tell you, my nails did not peel off. Usually it isn't my polish that chips off, it's my nails that are peeling and then that peels off my polish and I need to change my mani. I didn't have to do it this time! I did have one small break on my right hand (phew) but that was due to it being weak from peeling. I am loving this more than Seche Rebuild right now!

Here is week one again. Sorry for the redness of my skin. Have any of you tried Nail Envy or Seche Rebuild?


  1. I am exactly the opposite! I was trying nail envy and it didn't do anything good for me so I switched to rebuild and my results are much better as far as stopping my peeling issue. I just need to figure out when I am supposed to switch from rebuild to retain..

    gotta do what works best for you though, your nails look healthy and strong! that's the important part! :)

  2. your nails are lovely! i use nail envy and swear by it. it is a must have for me x

  3. I haven't used either, however, I have had the same peeling issue. I tried tons of things that didn't work (didn't try this though). I recently started using Orly Nail Defense, and it has worked wonders. Before the peeling, the polish would remain for 4-5 days before needing to redo my manicure. With the peeling, it would chip the same day. Now it's back to 4-5 days. I'm pleased.


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