Friday, February 10, 2012

Nail Mail from Rachael Watters!

Nail mail from Rachael Watters! Look at all the fun extras she put in! What I bought from her was the Joe Fresh Twilight. And she added all the other goodies! :) Dish gloves, nail file, sleep mask, cuticle pen (been wanting to try one!) and nail stickers! So much fun! Thank you so much Rachael! I love all of it!

So, here is Twilight! Such an awesome polish! It is a yellow-orange-green flakie in a smokey base. I wasn't sure how sheer it was going to be so this is over two coats of Catrice Beam Me Scotty! This is my attempt at getting the yellow-orange, it's hard to capture! You can kind of see the yellow on my nails but you can see the orange in the bottle. Green is definitely the dominate color.

Here is the green shot. Isn't it pretty! I need to do a comparison with this and my Finger Paints flakies and Essie Shine of the Times! Wouldn't that be an awesome flakie post! :)


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