Saturday, February 4, 2012

Disney Villains Swatches Part 1

Ok, so this is part one of my swatches for my Disney Villains that I received from Nicole at Epitome of Superficiality. Click the link to see her swatches that she has done! Also check out Lindsey's swatches over at Neverland Nail Blog! These polishes are made by Mayer Cosmetics and seem to be only found in Singapore (that we know of so far!). This is probably going to be a four part swatch event! Didn't want to flood you with too many pictures, even if they are gorgeous! :)

Like Lindsey mentions her post, this polishes don't have names, so I too will refer to them as their villain and the number on the bottom. Meet the Old Hag 18 from Snow White! This is one coat. It is pretty sheer but a lovely mauve-like color. I'm assuming it is a jelly? I don't have any so I have nothing to compare it to but other pictures.

Here is two coats. Still sort of sheer. You can still see my nail line especially on my ring finger. These polishes went on really nice and smooth. All my pictures are with no clean up!!!! Love! This color reminds me a lot of the colors my mother use to wear! :)

Her is the Old Hag in direct sun. So pretty!

Meet Cruella De Vil 38! Another pink jelly! She is more pink than the Old Hag who had a more purple undertone. At first I thought they were the same color, but they're not! :)

Two coats here. And still sheer! A wonderful polish for making a jelly sammich! I'm excited!

Two coats in direct sun. Gorgeous! A pretty deep pink.

Ok, so I left my thumb with the Old Hag 18 on it and my other four fingers have Cruella De Vil 38. See you can tell the difference! Cruella is definitely more sheer and more pink!

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  1. Awesom, I love these polishes =]! Thanks for sharing your swatches =]!


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