Monday, February 13, 2012

The Purple Crumpet Fairy Spring Challenge

Who's up for a SPRING CHALLENGE ??

"The Purple Crumpet Fairy is proud to bring you a 2 month challenge, which has been designed not only to look gorgeous but also to ward off the exhaustion of these challenges.  So although it's 2 months long, you have some blank / free days, and there's also the chance to recycle some of your manis and thus cut down on stress."

"You DON'T have to do every day of the Challenge, but there are a few Rules -
* you should always post the challenge relevant to the day you are posting on.  If you get behind, don't worry, still post, but please don't post a challenge that is in advance* you MUST be a member of the Purple Crumpet Fairy - just click here to join"
-got the rules and information straight from The Crumpet's site, please check out her site for further information! 
- Also she states to credit this challenge if you do any of it! :) It's fun, it's easy!