Sunday, February 5, 2012

Disney Villains Swatches Part 2

Ok, so this is part two of my swatches for my Disney Villains that I received from Nicole at Epitome of Superficiality. Click the link to see her swatches that she has done! Also check out Lindsey's swatches over at Neverland Nail Blog! These polishes are made by Mayer Cosmetics and seem to be only found in Singapore (that we know of so far!). Click the following link to see Part 1. And now, let Part 2 commence!

Meet the Queen of Hearts 54 from Alice and Wonderland! She is the polish that leaked a little (you can see some discolor on her image and on the bottom rim). She is a sparkly, glass flecked, jelly-like pink! Lover-ly! This is one coat, sheer with VNL (visible nail line).

Two coats of goodness! Like I mentioned in my previous post, these polishes going on really nicely! Smooth application without mess!

In direct sunlight to show off her shiny goodness! Look at that! Love the sparkle!!!!!

Here I dipped my fingers in egg yolk! No, it's The Evil Queen 37 from Snow White (non old hag version)! At first I wasn't too sure about this color. It is super duper sheer! (Actually it looks like I colored my nails with a hi-liter!) But think of what it would look like as a jelly sammich!? I'm going to have to play with it some more.

This is two coats. With it being so sheer my nail tips make it look like I did a french mani! Couldn't you just see some silver glitter in there as a sammich!? I'm also wanting to try it with Edward from Essence's Nail Art Twins. I don't have that one yet but soon I will!

Here she is in direct sunlight. I am still a bit iffy about the color, I love it in the bottle but on me.....not too sure. Need to play around with it. Do you ladies have any ideas on what I could do with her to love her more? :)


  1. Ooh maybe if you've white 'underwear' so that she's less sheer and brighter? And definitely as a jelly sammich! Pretty swatches!!

    1. White 'underwear'! That made me smile! I think I will have to try that! :)

    2. Lol nothing beats white:P

      Anyway I tagged you!

  2. I kind of love that yellow colour in a weird way :)


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