Thursday, May 8, 2014

#PlayInMay: Vague

So I joined a new challenge! So excited! You can see the prompt in the title.

Yep. I so want to know this story!

Axis of Ineptitude


  1. I like to imagine there was a dude happily eating his box of cheezits and some other dude was all, hey you can't have cheezits in here because this is a cafeteria not your living room so buy some food off a tray like everyone else. And cheezits dude was like, hey man I'll share my cheezits cuz I have a whole box here, but this infuriated the other dude because he believes in following rules but this reckless cheezits eater is clearly some kind of rule-ignoring hippie and so he smacked the pro-offered box away and this causes a commotion where everyone circles round and starts chanting "fight! Fight!" The cheezits and tramples into powder on the floor as the hippie suddenly rouses from his laid back cheez mellow and takes a swing at his nemesis who ducks causing the hippie to punch one of the chanters who falls into the cheezit dust, sending it to the air like an orange cloud of non dairy horror, where it then floats into the ventilation system and proceeds to suffocate the kitchen staff who were unable to escape because the fire exits were blocked by a delivery truck unloading a palette of canned nacho cheese sauce outside the door. If the cheese sauce had been delivered a day earlier the hippie would've had a chili cheese dog instead and 4 ladies could still wear hairnets without PTSD setting in.

    1. Bahahahahahahaha! Oh Ali! This is the most epic comment ever! Thank you so much for making my day!

  2. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah, that's all I got on this one :)


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