Monday, March 31, 2014

Giveaway Wins!

So I have done my nails  for work a few times but I've had a few posts in the vault that I wanted to get posted first! Some long overdue thank yous!

Here are some awesome things that I got from some giveaways awhile back from some awesome ladies!

I got these four gorgeous Beautifully Disney polishes from Stephanie at Imperfectly Painted. They are Mistress of Evil, Provincial Mademoiselle, Ocean Mist, and Diva of the Deep. These are only available at Disney Parks! And they are gorgeous! Thank you so much!

These next 6 pictures are 6 MoYou stamping plates that I won from Debbie at The Crumpet. Thank you so much! I love them!

Explorer Collection 03. They even asked Debbie if I wanted this plate because it's an XL and all the others weren't! How kind and awesome are MoYou!

Tourist Collection 01. Love it!

Tourist Collection 04. Needed this because I needed the Adam/God hands, I love the Italian Renaissance!

Ok, does anyone else think that the Tourist Lady looks like Christina Hendricks from Mad Men and FireFly?

Sailor Collection 03. Love all the designs!

Sailor Collection 04. The octopus tentacles! Yes!

And doesn't the Sailor lady look like Heather Graham?

Suki Collection 04. The designs! Love them all!

And because I needed to find someone the Suki lady looks like I immediately thought of Yaya Han (because I was watching Heroes of Cosplay when I got these plates!)

I chose Yaya because she is always changing her look and her hair. She creates beautiful Cosplay costumes!


  1. please if you have any defaulted plates or image plates you no longer want then please send them to me, i know this is really weird but its really hard to get plates to where i live, im not asking you for your stuff just if you have any partially damaged ones or ones you don't like and stuff like that :) sorry again :)


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