Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Does Brands Week - Vespa

So as soon as we I saw what week it was I knew I had to use this stamp! Yep, a Vespa stamp! Thank MoYou for such awesome stamping plates! And check out these holos! They are Nail Nation 3000 holos! I chose them because of their colors and holo, they reminded me of the Vespas! Aren't those Vespas so stinkin' cute! The above photos is taken in the sun.

This photo is under my OttLite. I really love how this turned out! I used Nail Nation 3000 in Glow Worm, Never Mint to Hurt You, and Rumple Stiltskin. I stamped using Color Club Revvvolution and MoYou Tourist plate 04. The little hearts on my pinkie are ones that I created with a dotting tool. And it is all topped off with HK Girl Top coat.

Under my OttLite again, wanted to show you the Nail Nation 3000 polishes on their own, each are three coats and their formulas are fabulous! You can see that Rumple Stilyskin still has a bit of visible nail line, just a hint of it showing.

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