Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Haul Time!

So, it's been awhile since I posted any type of haul post. So this post includes about 3+ months worth of hauls. Let's get to it, shall we?

I decided to see what was so great about Poshe (haven't tried it yet!), I've been using Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender and Barielle Fortifying Nail Builder for my Barielle review posts. I bought these two Barielles to give my reviews a full Barielle experience. And I really like them!

Three Matte Coats! Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat, Essie Matte About You, and OPI Matte Top Coat. This brings my matte top coats up to about 6 now! They are all different right? I've seen the posts! :)

So after I did my first Barielle review I feel in love with their formula and decided to buy four more. And here they are: Peanut Butter, Green Apple Chew, Solid As A Rock, and Go Lightly.

Some Sinful Colors that are suppose to be good for stamping! Haven't tried them yet. :) Pragmatic, Bananappeal, Mardi Gras, VIP.

More stamping polishes! Konad Princess Special Polish in Chocolate, Olive Green, and Light Grey. Light Grey looks more purple to me, so we shall see how it stamps!

Finger Paints Peacock Portrait, Rockin' Renaissance, and Rockin' Gunmetal

OPI: Russian Navy, My Vampire Is Buff (yep, finally got it!), You Don't Know Jacques -Matte, and Alpine Snow -Matte

China Glaze Papaya Punch (I needed more orange in my collection) and Ciate Chinchilla (got this from my Arizona Meet Up! It's grey!)

China Glaze FYI. Yep, I found this at my Beauty Supply Store, it was their last one. I got it for $3.75! Woot Woot!

My First NailNation 3000's! Glow Worm, Never Mint to Hurt You, Rumple Stiltskin, and Carpe Diem

Nail Art stuff! Art Club Nail Art Duos (Pen and Striper) in Holo Steel, White, and Black. Essence Nail Art Freestyle and Tip Painter in Mysterious Black and Silver Surfer. Essence French Manicure & Pedicure Pen and Essence Nail Art Tattoo Pen (bought two of these because they are so awesome for writing on nails!).

MoYou Kitty Collection 11

MoYou Pro Collection 04 (obviously been used, and not cleaned up too great! Whoops!)

MoYou Suki Collection 01 (too pretty to use!)

Sugar Bubbles SB 013 and SB 014. You can see the Taco Bell dog on the lower left of SB 013. And Stitch is on that plate too with owls! SB 014 has The Little Prince, Jareth, ET, Star Trek! Woot!

Plates that I bought from Messy Mansion! EDM03, EDM04, MM14, and MM19.

Vivid Lacquer Plates: VL020, VL018, and the Ninja Plate VL022 that I got for pre-ordering the other two!

Clinique Hi Sweetie. I got this with a bunch of other Clinique things when I bought $25 worth of product at Dillard's. Had to look up the name because it's not on the bottle.......had a good chuckle when I saw the name! Doctor Who reference! Love it!

So you all know that Bundle Monster came out with that Create Your Own set awhile back right? I waited for awhile, unsure (and broke!) about wanting it. But then saw you can buy their plates individually for $1.99 each! So in total I bought 7 plates, these four from that set and another three from the first two sets.

This was so much cheaper and I got the ones that I wanted and none of those weird ones that I would never use! But I can't sell my weird ones with sets I already have because I am the type of person who can't break up a set once I have it!

So that's my haul for the last little while. With my new job, I have a feeling there will be more haul posts! Polish and makeup! I have to remind myself to behave so I can at least get a paycheck and not spend it all there! :)


  1. Wow, what a collection! Love it!

    x, Phoebe-Cate //

  2. What a haul! I gave up buying polish for Lent so I'm living vicariously!! I love that the Clinique polish is named "Hi Sweetie!" My older sister gave me her bottle b/c she doesn't wear bright colors :)

    1. Oh, that would be so hard for me! But think of the money you will save to use after April 20th! :)

  3. Awesome haul! You're going to be one busy girl!!

  4. Nice! Didn't know you could buy the plates seperate. I know exactly which ones i'm getting!

    1. Thanks! I know! As soon as I found that out I was so excited. There are always a bunch I don't like so this is an awesome option!

  5. fab stuff! i had no idea you could buy BM plates single now! thats good news!

    1. Thanks! I know! I'm so happy that I found that out!


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