Friday, March 7, 2014

Barielle Velvets Spring 2014 Review

Got some more amazing Barielle polishes to show you! This is the Velvets for Spring 2014 line. They are "soft, romantic and dreamy colors that are warm yet rich, and totally feminine". I got a bit excited because I thought velvets, must be a texture polish of some sort. These are creams, shimmers, and sheers. But that doesn't mean I'm still not excited! There are some really great polishes in here!

I am still using the Nail Strengthener Cream, the Intensive Nail Renewal Oil that I received for my first review.
** I just want to say that I decided to use all Barielle products in these swatches. So since I did not request a base or top coat from them I decided to purchase my own with my own money. I chose to buy Fortifying Nail Builder with Calcium Fluoride and Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender
The order that I chose has nothing to do with how much I like them I like to go in the order that are listed on the paper they send with the polishes. :)

A Little Exotic: "a muted, rusty rose". I would also add a tad bit of terracotta coloring to the description.  It's not a color that I would have normally chosen for myself, but I think I really like it!

Guess what! This is one coat and it's opaque! I just love these Barielle formulas! Easy and fabulous! Top coat adds an extra shine!

Sexy Mood: "a muted magenta". Gorgeous color! I am loving this a lot. This is a perfect color for spring and it goes along with the color of the year: orchid! On a side note, as I am typing this up I am getting caught up on Project Runway All Stars (yep, I'm so behind this episode aired December 19th!) but they just mentioned that orchid is the 2014 color of the year!

Hee-hee! Look it matches my nail file! Destined to be! This is another fabulous one coater with top coat! Yes yes yes! My favorite polishes are one coaters, less wait time for nail art and life!

My Tan Blazer: "a tan, camel color". A perfect description! I love this one! Probably my favorite of the bunch because some people would consider it a fugly color. I love me some fugly colors! 

So this is two coats and top coat. I could have gotten away with one coat but on a few nails I didn't have quite enough polish on the brush so there were some drag marks. But I still love it!

Uptown Girl: "a soft beige". For me it was a bit more peach in color, almost flesh tone.

This is three coats and top coat. Though it looks all smooth and lovely now, the formula on this one was the worst of the bunch. It was really streaky and had drag marks. But it evens out after three coats and the top coat! I can really see me using this a lot in nail art!

My Week Away: "a dusty pink". And look! A shimmer! A green shimmer to boot! Gorgeous!

Fabulous formula! One coat and top coat! Just gorgeous. But as I was applying it I thought it looked familiar...

Nope these are not the same polish! On the left you have My Week Away that I reviewed above. On the right is Greenwich Village at Dawn that I reviewed last time.

So here is a side by side comparison with My Week Away on my index and ring finger and Greenwich Village at Dawn on middle and pinkie finger. Both are described as a dusty pink and both have the green shimmer! My Week Away is a tad bit darker/opaque and the shimmer shows up more in person and on camera. Do you need both? Nope, but I think I would choose My Week Away as it's more opaque.

And finally we have Cream N Sugar: "a sheer, soft pink". Totally sheer, perfect for a french mani!

Though this one is not my favorite, I think I am going to be using it for a jelly sammich! I'm excited for it as it's not white, which I usually use for a jelly sammich.

You can find out more about Barielle's products by visiting:
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So which of these were your favorite?


  1. What a pretty collection! Uptown Girl and My Week Away are particularly striking to me, but I do like the natural, healthy look of Cream N Sugar. My Tan Blazer-- TOTALLY FUG!! lol. I should try one of those kinds of colors just to see. The fugliest I've gotten is Zoya Piaf and that barely counts, in my book.

    1. Thanks! A few of them are unique colors to my collection, so I'm excited! You totally need more fugs! They never get the love they need! :)

  2. I only have a a couple of Barielle shades but I quite like them. My favorite would be This Is A Little Exotic - it looks like a warmer shade of rose compared to other's available.

  3. Gorgeous collection - loving My Tan Blazer!!


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