Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Nail Mail Swap with Ali from Fixin' to Faff!

So when I opened up my Store Envy Shop I had one amazing customer who made two orders! She is the sweetest lady ever! She has helped me a lot with my depression and anxiety and we have bonded a lot because of it. Sadly, she is in England (but from Texas) so I sent her purchases to her parent's in Texas. And I asked her if she could bring some things from across the pond for me when she came to visit Texas! She said yes! So here are the amazing things that I got from Ali from Fixin' to Faff:

More MoYou plates! Cheaper shipping to the UK! This is Sci-Fi Collection 02. Robots! And look at that robot owl! So cute!

Sci-Fi Collection 01. Cute little monsters/aliens! Oh and we are going to do some twin nails with these plates soon!

BarryM Gellys! Watermelon, Grapefruit, and Lychee!

More BarryM Gellys! Guava, Blackberry, and Pomegranate.

I got my gellys! I got my gellys! I got my gellys! I have been lemming these for ever! They are gorgeous and fabulous for stamping!

Look at this cute little guy! This is Chubby Owl Polish Majestic Moonstone. Ali got me this because she thought of me when she saw the owl! This polish is gorgeous! Chubby Owl Polish is a UK Indie! 

Um, how stinkin' cute are these little owls that she gave me! Can't wait to try them out! Adorable!

I then asked her for these candies, they are so delicious, even if they do have some questionable images on them. Weird!! 

And then I find out my dad bought me a box of them for my birthday! I've been so happy!

Thank you so much Ali you are so awesome and amazing! I love them all!


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  2. Looks like you're about to be one busy girl! :D

  3. Yay everything looks so shiny! :) I realized after I got home that it's going to be very hard for us to do twinsie posts when I ordered sci fi 03 and you have 01 and 02, so I might have had to place an order today for 02... and the newer 05 may have snuck into my cart as well. Oopsie! But that should be here soon and need to do some brainstorming!

    1. Hahahaha! We could have just done the same theme: Space, you didn't need to get the same ones! But they are cute! I didn't see 05! I like 06 because my nails are smaller, adding to wishlist! Hahahaha!


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