Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Barielle Vibrants Spring 2014 Review

Today I have the second part to the Spring Collection from Barielle; these are the Vibrants. They are "rich, bright, energetic shades that are a little sassy yet smooth". There are some really gorgeous colors in this line!

I am still using the Nail Strengthener Cream, the Intensive Nail Renewal Oil that I received for my first review.
** I just want to say that I decided to use all Barielle products in these swatches. So since I did not request a base or top coat from them I decided to purchase my own with my own money. I chose to buy Fortifying Nail Builder with Calcium Fluoride and Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender
The order that I chose has nothing to do with how much I like them I like to go in the order that are listed on the paper they send with the polishes. :)


Fire Me Up: "a deep, fiery bright orange". The description is perfect!  A beautiful deep orange! I don't own many oranges, so I am really excited about this one.

The formula for Fire Me Up is fabulous! This is two coats with one coat of top coat. It's super shiny even without the top coat.

Take Me Shopping: "a bright, hot pink". This color is really hard to capture on my camera. I had to color correct it a bit so it didn't look so orange. It has a bit of a coral/salmon hue to it.

The formula on Take Me Shopping is also fabulous, this is one coat! One coat opaque! (also has one coat of top coat). 

My City Apartment: "a light gray". What's this? A gray! Yippee! So excited! It has a bit of a blue undertone to it.

The formula for My City Apartment was fabulous! (note to self, look up a new word to take place of "fabulous"). This is two coats and one coat of top coat. I just love love love that there is a gray in this collection!

Money Talks: "a mint green". A bit of a mint blue. But very pretty and vintage!

The formula for Money Talks isn't that great. It was thicker and therefore hard to apply evenly and with out drag marks. But this is two coats of Money Talks and one coat of top coat. The top coat helps to smooth it all out! 

Designer Shoes: "a purple with bluish tones". I think the description is perfect. And I don't have many polishes this color!

The formula for Designer Shoes was perfect! This is one coat with one coat of top coat! Yep one! I love Barielle and their one coat opaques! Saves so much time!

First Class Ticket: "a sky blue". I think periwinkle when I see this color, but sky blue fits too!

This formula was a bit tricky but not anywhere thick like Money Talks. No, First Class Ticket, was just weird. I shook the bottle like I normally do but I still had two different blues show up on my nail. You can see this as my nails look kind of swirly. It just didn't want to fully mix together. But it is still a pretty color! And this is one coat and one coat of top coat!

You can find out more about Barielle's products by visiting:
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So which of these were your favorite?


  1. This is my favorite of the two collections, I love all 6!

  2. These are lovely! I wonder why I didn't look at any Barielles while I was in the States? Next time, Gadget...

    1. Hahahaha! Online, have them shipped to your parent's house!


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