Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Digit-al Dozen Does Blue - Spazmatic Tips

Day two of The Digit-al Dozen Blue Week! Today I bring you a jeweled french tip mani! I did one of these a few weeks ago (using other colors) and loved how it turned out so I thought I would do it again!

I first started out by applying OPI Pink-a-Doodle (not pictured) as my base color. This is a perfect pink for french manis! I then applied Orly Sweet Peacock on my tips. Hmmm, a little uneven. But that's alright because the next step helps to camouflage that problem! :)

I sponged on Orly Spazmatic on my tips. This is a clear base blue hex glitter with blue micro glitter. Gorgeous! It is part of their Glam FX line that was released earlier this summer.

And next up I finished with Orly Prisma Gloss Silver for a bit of added dimension. I love how it turned out! I am quite fond of these funky french tips! They are easy and sophisticated! :)

My base coat for this mani? Good ol' Elmer's Glue. Yep, I really wanted to try and see if it works! Also, in this picture I have added HK Girl Top Coat.

** edit ** 4 days later **

Ok, so this is day 4 of this mani! Look how well the glue base held up, and the HK Girl top coat! This is even with a day of working truck at work! (unloading boxes and putting out inventory) Not too shabby!


And look it! All peeled off! Well, except for a few bits and pieces here and there. But all in all this worked fabulously! And took 5 minutes to do both hands! Sa-weet! I'm sold! I can't wait how satisfying it'll be on a full glitter mani! Oh, and I loved picking it all off! :)


Sadly I didn't have the big pieces like I have seen others peel off. But I think that is because it wasn't full on glitter. But oh well! Still awesome and amazing! :)


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I think this is turning out to be my favorite type of mani!

  2. Very pretty! I've tried the Elmer's glue, but not for any length of time, I'm happy to hear it holds up well under manis for more than a day! :)

    1. It really does! I had my doubts but it works! In the show and free glue edges get a bit soft but it stays on! :)

  3. Yay cool! Thanks for showing us how long that 'base' holds up for. I love Flash Glam FX glitters and I love the funky french :)

    1. Thank you! And you are most welcome! :)

  4. I totally love it. And who cares if the SP bit was a little messy - it adds to the character of it all. Perfect lines would be too boring.

    1. Yep, who needs boring when you have character! :) Thanks!

  5. This looks great! Glitter's an awesome way to fix uneven freehand; I'll have to try it! I like the Elmer's glue idea, too, especially when it domes to removing said glitters.

    1. Thank you! I'm so excited to use glitters now because of this technique!

  6. 4 days of wear time? That's amazing! A lovely mani that comes off right when you want it to? Priceless!


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