Monday, September 10, 2012

The Digit-al Dozen Does Blue - First Mate Stripes

Today is a special day! It is day one of a five day event with 12 wonderful ladies! The Digit-al Dozen! Each month we, The Digit-al Dozen, take five days and focus on a theme.

This week's theme? Blue. Blue anyway you like it! A free-for-all blue fest! So for today through Friday I will show you 5 blue manis! And I was able to use a lot of my untrieds too! Bonus! :)

Ready for today's blue mani?


Sadly, this is the only picture that worked! :( Sunny Arizona hasn't been all that fine and dandy and sunny. Hot, yes, but not always sunny (at least when I do my manis! Grrr!).

I got the idea of this mani from The Beauty Department

Obviously my french tip stickers are larger than theirs! Haha! But I still thought is was fun and simple! I used China Glaze First Mate and Zoya Sooki.

China Glaze First Mate applied wonderfully! This is two coats. Look at the gloss and shine! And I tend to use Zoya Sooki for all my red nail art. The only time I really do use red! :)

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