Saturday, September 29, 2012

Respect the 'Stache part 5

Part 5! Almost done, we can do it! This is the second and final drawer in my plastic tower thingy. This holds my Color Club, some randoms, and my Sally Hansen polishes! Just as a reminder: I got this awesome idea to name this type of post Respect the 'Stache from Bee over at Bee Polished. Go over and check out her stash and her amazing blog!

Sorry for the slightly blurry photos. Grrr! Camera and lighting weren't not playing nicely!


(Top l-r) Covergirl Sparklers, Covergirl Fireworks, Covergirl Crushed Ice, Covergirl Quicksilver
(Bottom l-r) Revlon Whimsical, Revlon Scandalous, Hard Candy Silver, Avon Luxe Life, So Easy Stripe Rite Yellow, and Sinful Colors Nail Art Fashionista.

Color Club:

(Top l-r) Worth the Risque, Revvvolution, Where's the Soiree?, French Tip, He Loves Me, Put a Pin in it, Disco Nap
(Bottom l-r) Magic Attraction, Kiss Me Mistletoe, Fashion Addict, Alias, and Platinum Record.

Sally Hansen:

(Top l-r) Glass Slipper, Diamonds (not sure it's suppose to be that color, it's old >_<), White Veil, Princess Cut, Loves Me Not, Trouble Maker, Starry Starry Flight.
(Bottom l-r) Speedy Sunburst, Mochoachino, Coco-a-go-go, Silver Sweep, Fuchsia Shock, and Sheer Buff.

(Top l-r) Disco Ball, Twisted Pink, Very Cherry, Rockstar Pink, Red Carpet, Crushed, Pumpkin Spice
(Bottom l-r) Mint Sorbet, Ivy League, Teeny Greeny Bikini, Going Green, Emerald City, Teal-y Cool, and The Real Teal.

(Top l-r) Blizzard Blue, Blue Me Away, Deep Blue Sea, Lacey Lilac, Deep Purple, Posh Plum, Purple Pizzazz
(Bottom l-r) Set the Stage, Time to Shine, Twinkle Twinkle, Wet Cement, Grey Area, Gunmetal, Midnight Sky, and Black Out.

Are there any in this post that you would like to see as swatches? Or from part 1 or part 2 or part3 or part4?


  1. You have some old Cover Girls!! Are they frosty, by any chance? I have three, and they're all frosty... I can't decide if I just thought that finish was the coolest thing ever at the time, or if that's all CG made, lol.

    1. They are a bit frosty yep, like a metallic frost.

  2. I would love to see swatches of the Sally Hansen InstaDri,especially Mochoachino,and Coco-a-go-go.

    1. Yep I will have one up soon! Like a week or two. :)

  3. Oh,I really need to start "respectin' my own stache" LOL! Less shopping and more polishing,if you know what I mean :-)

    1. Oh I know exactly what you mean! :)


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