Saturday, September 1, 2012

Respect the 'Stache part 1

 So I have decided to do a stash post...errr posts! I got this awesome idea to name this type of post Respect the 'Stache from Bee over at Bee Polished. Go over and check out her stash and her amazing blog! I made my own image and added the Star Wars font to it because I wanted it to be geeky! :)

So I have my polished in a Melmer (scrapbook storage unit from Michael's) and in two drawers in a plastic tower tote thingy. And yes, these are located in my closet. It's like my polish shrine! :)

This post will go over my first drawer in my Melmer. This contains my China Glaze,  Nails Inc, randoms, and Orly. As you will see, I have a bad habit of leaving my clearance stickers on! One, it reminds me where I got it and what a great deal I got it for. And two, I'm too lazy to take them off! Hahaha! :)

These stash photos do not included my polishes that I have up for sale in my Blog Sale.

China Glaze:

(Top l-r) White Cap, Snow Globe, Material Girl, Mistletoe Me!, Strawberry Fields, Ahoy!, Traffic Jam, Ruby Pumps.
(Bottom l-r) Make Some Noise, Fireside Glow, Lemon Fizz, Kalahari Kiss, Trendsetter, and Electric Pineapple.

(Top l-r) Cha Cha Cha, Starboard, Agro, Westside Warrior, Cling On, It's Alive, Wagon Trail, Watermelon Rind
(Bottom l-r) Custom Kicks, Atlantis, Oxidized Aqua, Sea Spray, Electric Beat, and First Mate.

(Top l-r) Agent Lavender, Below Deck, Drawn to You, Urban-Night, Mummy May I, Midtown Magic, Ingrid, Fast Track
(Bottom l-r) Fairy Dust, Techno, Pelican Gray, Stone Cold, Concrete Catwalk, and Some Like it Haute.

Nails Inc and Randoms: (all but about 5 of these I got from Miss Debbie from The Crumpet)

(Top l-r) Nail's Inc The Fuschia's Bright, Nail's Inc Hans Place, Nail's Inc, Eden Grove, Nail's Inc Buckingham Palace, Nail's Inc Chelsea Embankment, Nail's Inc Trafalgar Square
(Bottom l-r) Miss Sporty 060, Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch Top Coat, Max Factor Intense Plum, Max Factor Disco Pink, Max Factor Fantasy Fire, Funky Dazzlers 373, IsaDora Bronze Patina, and H&M On Ice.


(Top l-r) BarryM Nail Effects, BarryM Gold Foil Effects, BarryM Silver Foil Effects, BarryM Lilac (not shown because it is coming in the mail!!!)
(Bottom l-r) Diamond Cosmetics Talk of Tokyo, Diamond Cosmetics Concrete Jungle, Diamond Cosmetics Chainmail Charm, Diamond Cosmetics Matte Smoke, Misa Grey Matters, CND Crimson Sparkle, Barielle U-Concrete-Me, and Barielle Elle's Spell.


(Top l-r) Prisma Gloss Silver, Shine on Crazy Diamonds, Shining Star, Prisma Gloss Gold, Decades of Dysfunction, Bubbly Bombshell
(Bottom l-r) Mermaid Tale, Lucky Duck, It's Not Rocket Science, Sweet Peacock, Spazmatic, and Stone Cold.

(Top l-r) Oui, Can't Be Tamed, Space Cadet, Out of This World, Rococo A-Go-Go, Galaxy Girl, Fowl Play
(Bottom l-r) Nite Owl, Buried Alive, Sea Gurl, Faint of Heart, Rock Solid, and Androgynie.


  1. Brilliant! I did my storage post today but I did not have the patience to take pictures of all the polish, I love these kinds of posts x

    1. Thanks! I kind of wanted to go through my polishes again and just stare at them! hahaha! They all got a good shake too! I love these posts too! It's fun to see what everyone has!


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