Saturday, September 22, 2012

Respect the 'Stache part 4

 Part 4! Woot! Woot! This is the first drawer in my plastic tower thingy. This holds my random drugstore-ish finds! Just as a reminder: I got this awesome idea to name this type of post Respect the 'Stache from Bee over at Bee Polished. Go over and check out her stash and her amazing blog!

(Top l-r) Ulta Pink-a-Boo, Ulta Bombshell, Ulta Mermaid Heaven, Ulta Tail of Two Cities, Ulta Tip the Scales, Ulta Don't Be Shellfish, Ulta Tutu Cute, Ulta Lav-ish, and Ulta Blue for You
(Bottom l-r) Confetti Pink Confetti, Confetti First Kiss, Sally Girl Glow in the Dark, Sally Girl (don't know the name!), Pixel Show Me the $, Pixel Text-Us, No Name Brand (freebie) Wild Thing, and Nail Savvy Chrome.

Sinful Colors:

(Top l-r) Pearl Harbor, Pinky Glitter, Unicorn, Green Ocean, Call You Later, and Show Me the Way
(Bottom l-r) Mint Apple, Rise and Shine, Savage, Kissy, Nail Junkie, Cinderella, and Amethyst.

Pure Ice:

(Top l-r) Oh Baby!, Spit Fire, Love, Heart Breaker, Busted, and Rio
(Bottom l-r) Platinum Magic Base Coat, Glam Rock, Emcee Me, DJ Spinner, and Vintage Remix.

(Top l-r) Love & Beauty Silver, Love & Beauty Rust, Love & Beauty Purple/Silver, Milani Purple Gleam, Milani Gems, and Piggy Polish Sunshine on Snowflakes
(Bottom l-r) NYC Empire State Blue, NYC Sidewalkers, NYC Starry Silver Glitter, p2 Forever, p2 Groovy, Del Sol Ruby Slippers, and Del Sol Foxy.

(Top l-r) Claire's Candy Shop, Claire's Blast Off, Claire's Drops of Jupiter, Icing Lemme See Your Peacock, Hot Topic no name, L'Oreal Brit Invasion, and L'Oreal Owl's Night
(Bottom l-r) CQ Golden Green, CQ Silver Taupe, Jesse's Girl Firefly, Jesse's Girl Confetti, American Apparel Factory Grey, Love & Beauty Purple to Light Pink (Color Changing), Nina Maple Syrup, LA Colors no name, and Old Navy Tip Toe 24K.

Mayer Disney Villains: 

(Top l-r) Ursula 39, Queen of Hearts 54, Cruella De-vil 38, and Old Hag 18
(Bottom l-r) Evil Queen 37, Maleficent 49, Maleficent 47, and Old Hag 32.

Wet 'n Wild:

(Top l-r) Kaleidoscope, Sparkled, Behind Closed Doors, Party of Five Glitters, Correction Tape, SaGreena the Teenage Witch, Teal of Fortune, and Hannah Pinktana
(Bottom l-r) Through the Grapevine, Grays Anatomy, Rustic, On a Trip, 407A, Black Creme, and Tangled in My Web.

Are there any in this post that you would like to see as swatches? Or from part 1 or part 2 or part3?


  1. In the last photo, I've never seen or heard of Behind Closed Doors or Tangled in my Web...are they limited edition? I think I have most if not all of those WnW Fast Dry polishes, but those two look interesting! :}

    1. They are from last Halloween's collection. From what I have seen in photos, some of the ones from this year may be the same? Check out this review by Vampy Varnish on last year's collection:

    2. Thanks for the link! Behind Closed Doors looks a lot like Spoiled Ants in My Pants or that Fantasy Makers Tombstone polish (not sure of the name). I think they're all the exact same polish, so I'll allow myself to feel content just owning Ants in My Pants :D


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