Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blog Shout Outs - Cuti-CLUE-les

Today's blog is Cuti-CLUE-les! If you haven't checked it out before you need to. It's an Irish Beauty Blog and I love it! Her accent even shows up in her writing style! Brilliant! She's kind of a geek too with some Super Mario nail art!

She does such great freehand nail art that I bow to her! No, really, it's fabulous!

Uh, see what I mean! Fabulous! If I even attempted that it would look like a puddle of goo! Hahaha! :) Please click on the photo to be sent to her original post.


She does gorgeous swatches too!

She does these posts were she shows you what she currently craving at the moment! Such a cute idea!

She has also done some pretty striping tape manis!

Oh and another amazing freehand nail art because this is the one she did as a guest post for me! Love!

Please go and check out Cuti-CLUE-les! You won't be disappointed! Find her on facebook too!

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