Saturday, September 15, 2012

Respect the 'Stache part 3

Part 3! We can do this! This is the third and final drawer in my Melmer. Just as a reminder: I got this awesome idea to name this type of post Respect the 'Stache from Bee over at Bee Polished. Go over and check out her stash and her amazing blog!


(Top l-r) Nail Art Twin Julia, Hello Holo, Time for Romance, Space Queen, Lime Up!, High Spirits, Gold Old Buffy
(Bottom l-r) Nail Art Twin Bella, Nail Art Twin Edward, Choose Me!, You Belong to Me, Let's Get Lost, Blue Addicted, and Date in the Moonlight.

(Top l-r) No More Drama, Break Through, True Love, Where is the Party?, Chic Reloaded, Irreplaceable, Walk of Fame
(Bottom l-r) Just in Case, Circus Confetti, Grey-t to be Here, Nail Art Twin Romeo, The Dawn is Broken, Hunt Me if You Can, and We Will Rock You.


(Top l-r) Petites Figi, Petites Vintage Gray, Petites Wizard, Hedy's Ma. Bolts of Blue, Ginger+Liz Ivy League, Nubar Stylish Peacock
(Bottom l-r) Sation Videogame Vixen, Sation Band Beauty, Butter London Rosie Lee, Butter London Wallis, Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance, and Duri Gin Greyhound.

(Top l-r) Models Own Lemon Meringue, Models Own Golden Green, Models Own Peacock Green, GOSH Ocean, GOSH Fairytale, GOSH Purple Heart
(Bottom l-r) Flormar U08, Flormar U06, and Fashionista Mystical Dragon.


(Top l-r) Marshmallow, Tennis Corset, Made to Honor, Better Together, Your Hut or Mine, First Dance, Jamaica Me Crazy, Da Bush, Sew Psyched
(Bottom l-r) Armed & Ready, Trophy Wife, Borrowed & Blue, Nothing Else Metals, Chinchilly, Penny Talk, Shine of the Times, As Gold as it Gets, and Good as Gold.

Joe Fresh:

(Top l-r) Moss, Hunter, Teal
(Bottom l-r) Peacock, Orchid, Eggplant, and Twilight.


(Top l-r) Holo Que Tal?!, Godfather of Pearl, Sold Out Forever, Sea of Green, King of Greens, Welcome to the Jungle, Blue Cara Ciao
(Bottom l-r) Beam Me Scotty!, Return of Space Cowboys, Sing: Hey, Dirty-Lilah!, Dirty Berry, Lost in Mud, Browno Mars, London's Weather Forecast, and I Wear My Sunglasses at Night.

Finger Paints:

(Top l-r) Motley, Flashy, Flecked, Asylum, Twisted
(Bottom l-r) Leonardo da Vin-Pink, Flip Flop Fuchsia, Circus Peanuts, Art Nouv-Yellow, Sexy Sundress, and Go van Gogh!

(Top l-r) Choco Mint, Tiffany Imposter, Art You Blue, Cerulean Seascape, Grape Gumball, Pretty as a Portrait
(Bottom l-r) Haute Taupe, It Baroque, Fall of Surprises!, Artists Inspiration, Picasso's Puce, Sketch-y, and Black Expressionism.

Are there any in this post that you would like to see as swatches? Or from part 1 or part 2?


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