Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LOSTathon: Season 3

Day 3 = Season 3 LOSTicure

I had so many ideas to do for this season but could really only think to do one. The one scene that still hits me today. Charlie writing on his hand to warn them that it's not Penny's boat to come and save them. Charlie holding up his hand to the window of the door as the water is rushing all around him. Charlie as he drowns. :'(

Here is my representation of season 3 of LOST:

Thumb: is the water that Charlie drowns in.
Pointer-Pinkie: is the final message of Charlie. Not Penny's Boat.

Here are the technicals for the mani:

Thumb: Sally Hansen Deep Blue Sea (a little sheer but that's ok)
Pointer-Pinkie: Zoya Shay and a black Sharpie (just like Charlie always used).

What did I love about this season?
-The Dharma van!
-Richard (good looking man!)
-Desmond's time traveling

What did I hate about this season?
-Charlie died! To this day I think it is one of the saddest moments of the whole show. I loved Charlie!
-Benjamin Linus and his evil ways!
-Alex and her whiny attitude!(and she gets shot! Feel a little bad for Ben at this point....a little)
-Juliette (yep liked and hated her!)
-Ben shooting Locke

There are many other people and scenes and drama and experiences and stories that I loved in this season and many more that I hated too.  But Charlie's death is the main thing that sticks out for me.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's season 4!

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Charlie's death :'(

Here is a recap video of seaseon 3 of LOST


  1. you're right, it is ALL about this scene. From the moment he works out Good Vibrations, the haunting score, the slow-mo-beauty of the rising water, the lump in my throat, the way you think we can still get out, the way he crosses himself, the way we all screamed Nooooooooooooo from the sofa. An epic moment xxxx

  2. AW, I miss Charlie SO MUCH! I love that you did a full mani for him! Looks great too!

  3. I really love the all-across design! Truly awesome. I also LOVE that you used a Sharpie!! I ♥ Charlie. I feel like we all need a big group hug now, lol

    1. Thank you! I was just going to do it with black polish but then thought hey why not a Sharpie! And it worked! Glad to keep it authentic! :)

  4. this really draws me out of all the lostathon manis I've seen i think about season 3...I'm pretty sure I would cry if I had this on my nails! just thinking about charlie dying.

    but then I would stop and be like damn. nobody's beatin this one!
    fantastic job =]


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