Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fancy Haul!

So I have finally joined the ranks of the fancy polish collector! :) I bought Butter London Wallis and Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance on sale! Woot! They were only about $8 each! I couldn't pass it up! I'm so excited to try them and see what everyone is talking about with their formula and application. I will definitely be doing a big ol' fancy post about them! :)

So, the other day I was headed to a party up in the area where my beauty supply store is so I thought I would go a bit early and hit it up! Well, it was closed for the night! :( So I drove across the street to try a different store. It was much smaller with less product but I found one of my lemmings for $4! Yep, that is China Glaze Atlantis there on the left! I'm super excited! The OPI isn't an older one but it caught my eye with it's shimmer. It is OPI It's My Year. Super gorgeous!

Want to see some macros bottle shots of these two polishes? Duh! Of course you do! Here you go!

Here is the awesomeness of China Glaze Atlantis. Oooooh! Ahhhhh! Shiny! Love!

OPI It's My Year. Look at that shimmer gold shimmer over the purple! Gorgeous! I'm excited to see this one in action! :)


  1. Loll, I got my first fancy polishes last week so I guess I joined the ranks too ; ) I'm looking forward to trying them too ;)

  2. lolling at your "fancy" - made me think of Monica and her towels xxx

  3. Very excited to see It's My Year in action too ^_^


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