Sunday, April 29, 2012

LOSTathon: Round Up

Day 7 = Round Up/Recap LOSTicures

Here is a round up/recap of my LOSTicures! Season 3 being the biggest because it was my favorite! :) And here are links to them all:

I chose a favorite LOSTicure from each season. Because of sizes, these pictures are a bit out of order! :) 
Season 1 (top left) by Debbie: I love the blood and the orange nail that represents Locke's orange smile! :)
Season 2 (bottom middle) by Emma: the blast door during lockdown!
Season 3 (top middle) by me: Um....I like mine! :) hahahaha!
Season 4 (bottom right) by Kerrie: I love her concept of showing the fake plane of flight 815 under water!
Season 5 (top right) by Bee: I am really loving her thumb!
Season 6 (bottom left) by Sarah: I love this! It's the chaos and turmoil of the battle of good and evil between Jacob and The Man in Black!
I hope you have enjoyed getting to take a look back at such a wonderful epic show! Thank you for all the comments! And a big thank you to Bee, Debbie, Emma, Kerrie, and Sarah for such an awesome adventure that is LOSTathon! :)

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 Here is 6 seasons of LOST in 8:15 (pretty funny narrator, not totally accurate though!)