Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents: Wallpaper - A Story Part 3

Today our couple has almost gotten all the wallpaper completely off. Thankfully the wall behind it wasn't that badly damaged. A few spots that were a little bare but nothing a little paint couldn't fix up! They were so excited, another day and their finished look would be complete!

I used acetone to remove the polish completely off two of my nails as well as half of a third one. I used BarryM Coconut, only one coat to give it a more incomplete look. I used Konad White and Emily de Molly EDM03. I used BarryM Cardamon (two coats) as my base. I stamped using BarryM Cocoa and Cheeky CH33. I applied HK Girl Top Coat and then Essie Matte About You to give it a wallpaper feel.

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