Monday, January 5, 2015

Be Present

I promise, my Owlets there will be nail art soon! Rearranging my room so my nail stuff is a bit hard to get at! But don't fret I haven't forgotten about my nails! :)

Today's topic is being present. As I was thinking about what to write I saw this photo on my friend's facebook page and figured it totally applied. Well, except for the tea part since I don't drink it, but you get the idea.

Being present goes along with the other prompts that I've written about. We need to let go of the past and only keep with us the lessons learned and not dwell in our mistakes. We do need to plan for our future but not so much that we get so caught up in it that we can't enjoy the present.

We need to spend time with our loved ones, disconnected from all phones and actually talk to one another and be present in each other lives. I went to dinner the other night and my friend and I were eating and occasionally I would look at my phone but she was on it a lot. 

It got me thinking that we don't connect with others normally anymore. Sitting there together on our phones is how it's done. I remember walking around while at university and having people greet each other as they passed by. But slowly more and more had headphones on and looking at their phones and no one made eye contact.

If this continues we will have a generation that will not know how to act in social situations. Their social skills will be almost non-existent. Humans were made to be social. We need to really be there with all of our attention to enjoy the present. 

There's a TV show, Selfie (grrr! why was this show cancelled!), where Henry is trying to help Eliza (yep, like My Fair Lady) to be less connected to her phone and more connected with actual people. At one point it's raining and Henry is sitting enjoying the rain and Eliza goes to take a selfie of her in the rain. I don't remember exactly all that was said but it was something to the effect of you don't need to photograph everything, that is not enjoying the moment (the present); put the phone down and really enjoy the moment.

This is so true. We need to disconnect, be it technology or something, and focus on what's happening around us and really get to know one another on a true and deeper level. I am really going to try this and see what happens.

I know I rambled but I had too many thoughts and trying to get them all put together was a bit of a garbled mess. :)

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