Friday, January 2, 2015

Let Go...

Kind of following from yesterday's post, today is about letting go. This year I plan to let go of  the need to be perfect, of always trying to please others, and to forget past first impressions and grudges.

Letting go of the need of perfection applies to many aspects of my life. I am a perfectionist and this is going to be hard. I want to try and find acceptance in who I am, flaws and all. So I don't look perfect everyday with my makeup on point and my hair gorgeous; but I can accept myself and my looks and hold my head up high because no one is like me!
I want to let go of the need to be the best blogger, to have the most perfect nails and nail art and posts. Meh, life happens! So, I can't do nail art as well as others; but I can do my own version and be proud! Letting go of the need to keep up with the top bloggers and give myself freedom of my own schedule for blogging, not worrying so much on perfection but on having fun and enjoying myself more on my blog.

Letting go of always trying to please others and caring so much of what others think is a real tough one for me. A lot of my self confidence is based on those. I want to let go of that and believe in myself and not take things so personally. I have struggled with this all my life and I know I will continue to; but I want to lessen it's hold on me and give me happiness and freedom!

I want to let go of first impressions and give people the benefit of the doubt. I will form my own conclusions and not base them on hearsay and other's opinions. I want to discover others for who they truly on based on their deeds and actions alone. I want to let go of grudges I feel, to give me freedom to seek out those people and give them a chance. To not let my anger or hurt feelings control me.

As tough as these all are I really want to let my true colors and personality shine through and to be the better stronger person that I know is in me somewhere.

Let go and hang on and join me for an interesting year!

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