Tuesday, January 6, 2015



This is so true for me. I am a huge people pleaser, I want everyone to like me. I have struggled with this all my life. But it's time to stop thinking so much about what others think or want and I need to listen to my heart so that I can truly be happy. 

It all boils down to loving myself. If I keep doing things so that others will like me, I lose myself.

I need to learn to tune out the brain chatter at night. I need to look inward and focus my thoughts on something constructive that will make me a better person and see myself that way. 

I need to follow my heart and not society. The demands of my heart are less strenuous than those of society.

I need to calm the seas of distress and distrust and look for the sunrise of a better day filled with the confidence of my soul.

You'd think it be easy to do this. It's not.

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